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IDSubjectQueueOpenedClosedStatusWaiting TimeWeightAction
ne0h100001Could you install Google Chrome on my computerDispatchOpen 838:59:59100View
zd0h100001How can I free up some space on my hard drive?DispatchOpen 838:59:59100View
od0h100001How do I activate facial recognition to login to Windows 10DispatchOpen 838:59:59100View
8b0h100001How do I boot into safe mode on Windows 10?DispatchOpen100View
62vg100001I receive a certificate error when trying to load a web siteDispatchOpen 838:59:59100View
ivtg100001Please unblock the Facebook web site for meDispatchOpen100View
jdpf100001I have to reboot for windows updates too often, can it be configured to reboot less often?DispatchOpen133View
rcpf100001Could you please configure my phone to read my work email accountDispatchOpen101View
9bpf100001I keep losing my connection to the wireless networkDispatchOpen 838:59:59100View
l8pf100001I accidentally deleted some files, can you help me get them back?DispatchOpen100View
8yof100001My computer is running much slower than normal, and doing strange thingsDispatchOpen246View
uxof100001I am unable to access my files on the network driveDispatchOpen 838:59:59100View
Total tickets: 14