The Brisk Support Dashboard provides agents with access to the highest priority tickets through the ticket checkout process. The topmost section of the dashboard lists a summary of all queues and the number of open tickets awaiting agent responses in each queue. If agents are permitted to update multiple tickets simultaneously (see Account Settings), the workload summary will contain links to the tickets page with results automatically filtered by the selected queue. For agents not designated as administrators, below the workload summary will be the "Retrieve Ticket" button, which is used to check out the waiting ticket with the highest priority.

General Work related Buttons
General commands related to Agent work. Available based on current Agent work context.

Ticket Queues Panel
Shows the list of queues and the corresponding number of tickets waiting to be resolved. Clicking on a queue name navigates to the list of tickets in that queue. This command is available only for administrator.

Tickets Waiting
For administrators, it shows the number of tickets that are waiting to be resolved, number of tickets that are in progress by all agents, and the number of tickets currently in progress by current administrator. For agents, it shows that number of tickets assigned to the agent and the number of tickets currently in progress by the agent.

General Action Buttons
General commands not related to a specific ticket. Available even when no tickets are being worked on.

Retrieve Next Ticket button
If no tickets are being worked on, click the Retrieve Next Ticket button to get the next available ticket to work on. The following panels are available only when the ticket is being worked on.

Messages Panel
Each message associated with the ticket will be displayed in its own collapsible panel. A message is any email received from the end user, any reply an agent has sent to the end user, or any note entered by an agent.

Suggestion Panel
If the new message from customer has a good match to a previous answered ticket or knowledge base article, the question and answer would be displayed in the panel.


Select Command
Ticket related commands:

Reply box:
Enter the response for the customer, or the Internal Note to be added to the ticket.

Stock Expressions:
If Stock Expressions are enabled in Account Settings ~ Response Automation, a panel with stock expression buttons will be displayed on the right side of the reply box.
Click the button to insert the selcted stock expression in the Reply box. Move the mouse over the button to display the content of the stock expression in a tooltip for a quick preview.

Under the Reply box are the most used commands:.

Ticket Summary Panel
Below the Ticket Action Button is the collapsible panel containing a summary of the ticket's details:

The Ticket Activity Filter functionality allows you to select data based on Date, Agent and Activity.

Ticket Attributes
If agents are permitted to change the details of a ticket, custom attributes will be listed and may be edited here. To save changes to a ticket's attributes, click the "Apply Changes" button. If agents are not permitted to change the details of a ticket, only those custom attributes which have been assigned non-default values will be listed here.

Add New Ticket
To add a new ticket, click on the Add New Ticket button and fill in the following fields:

Once these fields are populated, click the Create Ticket button to save the new ticket data.